Tornado® 2500B Glazer™ High Speed Burnisher - Traction

Tornado® 2500B Glazer™ High Speed Burnisher - Traction

Item # TOR98499G-EA

  • The ultimate in high-speed burnishers, clean-air performance, durable, easy to use, & long lasting. Traction drive, infinite variable speed, forward & reverse.
  • 48" L x 22" W x 37" H
  • 2.5 HP/36V P.M. Motor
  • 3-12v 195AH batteries, 20 amp charger
Traction, ea

Ideal in sensitive environments including schools, healthcare facilities and hospitals, and retail stores.


2500 rpm of burnishing speed. Rugged roto-molded housing. Adjustable pad pressure. A high-strength steel linkage mounted with a 2.5 HP motor. All this and more make Tornado's 2500B the industry's premiere burnishing machine. Simple to use and even ea

The sloped battery housing is designed with operator sight-lines in mind, allowing an unobstructed view of approaching obstacles. Safety switches prevent operation when the cover housing is removed or the pad holder raised.

Clean-Air filtration - The 2500B has a clean-air filtering system that allows dust free operation, an important consideration when working in an area with IAQ (indoor air quality) concerns.

A complete package - The unit comes standard with batteries, charger, and pad holder.

Convenient - The double-walled, roto-molded battery cover housing is durable and easy to remove for battery maintenance.

Ease of use - The 2500B tips back and rests on a specially-designed rear bumper. This permits easy pad holder access, pad replacement, and filter maintenance.

Smart design - The unit's sleek profile and contoured housing provide optimal sight lines for safe operation and an unobstructed view of the burnishing path.


  • Pad Size: 20"
  • Glazing Speed: 2500 rpm
  • Pad Pressure: Adj. To 30 lbs
  • Flex Pad Holder: Removable retainer
  • Weight w/out batteries: 184 lbs

Replacement Parts & Accessories

36V-20 amp automatic charger, 12V (215AH) battery (3 required), replacement filter (2 required), dust-skirt shroud assembly, pad retainer.