Tornado® Battery Glazer 17 High-Speed Burnisher - 17"

Tornado® Battery Glazer 17 High-Speed Burnisher - 17"

Item # TOR98494-EA

  • A one of a kind burnisher that operates on green batteries instead of a standard power cord. Two hours of run time before the batteries need recharging.
  • Motor: 0.6 hp
  • Power System: GEL batteries
  • Dimensions: 26" L x 18" W x 39" H
17", ea


  • Has minimal impact on the environment and comes standard with rechargeable, maintenance-free gel batteries with an on board charger.
  • The Battery Glazer 17 green features will meet any LEEDS - EB standard in your work place or facility.
  • Tornado[R] has always sought to minimize the impact of cleaning on both the indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Being a environmentally-conscious company, Tornado[R] has also included a dust control feature on this unit to ensure healthier indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • As you operate the Battery Glazer 17 ultra high-speed burnisher, not only will it produce a professionally polished floor, it will also pick up any dust or small dirt particles in its path. At the end of the shift, simply shake out the dust housing into
  • Operating at an incredibly low 59 dBA, the Battery Glazer 17 is so quiet, you barely notice it running. The silent operating decibel level makes this unit perfect for day time cleaning in a hospital, hotel or any facility where noise sensitivity is an iss
  • Powered by eco-friendly gel batteries.


  • Housing Construction: Polypropylene
  • Brush Design/Type: Rotary Disc
  • Rotary Diameter: 17"
  • Disc RPM: 1500
  • Integrated Filtration System: Dust control system
  • Cleaning Path: 17"
  • Sound Level: 59 dB
  • Cleaning Rate: 7,500 sq ft per hour