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KC Kimtech Prep Kimtex® Wiper - 12.1" x 16.8", Blue

Low-lint polypropylene construction. Perfect for use with grease and oils. Great for cleaning and prep on surfaces and parts. Acid-, base- and solvent-resistant. Brag® Box.

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Kimberly-Clark® WYPALL® X60 Wiper - White

No adhesives or binders; leaves nothing behind, reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power. Brag® Box.

Add to Cart $36.19/BX

Chix® All Day™ Foodservice Towel - 12 x 21, White

Ideal for medium duty foodservice cleaning tasks. Made with wood pulp and polyester, towels are strong and absorbent, wet or dry. Contains small holes that pick up small particles. Easy to grab put-ups. Rinse and use again.

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KC Science Kimwipes® Delicate Task Wiper - White (15/140)

Available in various sizes. Absorbent, easily wipes up liquid and dust. Gentle, won't scratch delicate surfaces. Wipes clean, extra low-lint and extractable performance. Kimtech Science for laboratory environments.

Add to Cart $242.30/CS