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Loop Mop Heads


O Cedar® MaxiClean Loop-End Mop - Large

High quality 4-ply cotton/synthetic blend yarn provides excellent absorbency and durability; no fraying, raveling, or tangled ends. Meets today's "Green" standard. 5" 100% vinyl coated mesh headband provides added strength and stability. Tailband allows mop to cover more floor area per stroke; saves labor. Color coded for use segregation.

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O Cedar® MaxiClean™ Shrinkless Loop-End - Large, Green

High quality 4-ply launderable rayon/synthetic blend yarn. Color coded for use segregation; hides dirt. Absorbent and very durable for any cleaning application. U.S. manufactured yarn made of post consumer waste and "PET" materials. Made in USA.

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O Cedar® Finishing Launderable Loop-End Mop - Large, Wide

Designed specifically for floor finish application. 4 ply rayon/synthetic blend allows even release of finish materials. Blue/white "candy cane" stripe for use identification. No fraying or raveling. 1/2" fantail.

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O Cedar® Maxi-Clean Loop-End Mop - Medium, Wide, Blue

High quality cotton/synthetic blended yarn provides excellent absorbency and durability. Color coded for use segregation. No fraying or raveling. No tangled ends. Blue yarn keeps mop looking like new. 5" mesh band with 1/2" fantail.

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LG Super Loop Green Yarn

For high-volume usage. Blend of premium four-ply cotton/synthetic yarn covers more floor area by absorbing up to seven times its own weight. Looped-ends reduce unraveling and linting. Durable double-sewn tailband. Heavy-duty, 5-in. vinyl mesh headband....

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Rubbermaid® Clean Room Mop - Medium

Looped-end, tailbanded mop for greater floor coverage with each stroke. For use in Class 10,000 and higher industrial applications such as paint booths, pharmaceutical labs, etc. Made of a woven, rayon/polyester fabric that will not fray or lint. Launderable and pre-shrunk for long product life. Headband Size: 5". Mop Color: White.

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Rubbermaid® Rough Floor Wet Mop - Medium

Economical choice for aggressive floor surfaces. Excels on more abrasive floor surfaces such as non-slip/non-skid, stone, terrazzo, concrete and other textured floor surfaces. Knitted fleece cotton/polyester blend yarn has twice the absorbency of cotton. Looped ends and tailband aid in launderability. Compatible with Clamp Style Wet Mop Handle. Headband Size: 5". Headband Color: Green. Mop Color: White.

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