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Industrial Lubricants


Slide Dry Silicone Spray - 11.5 oz. Net Wt.

Stop everything from sticking with this multi-purpose, greaseless lubricant. This product stays pliable and will not gum or form unwanted residues. Colorless & non-staining, it may be used on all surfaces. EXCEPT areas to be painted.

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Bolt Buster - 12 oz. Net Wt.

Bolt Buster is a penetrating lubricant and rust dissolver containing TeflonĀ® and molybdenum disulfide. This super penetrant carries the TeflonĀ® & moly particles. Helps it into the threads, crevices, etc.

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Mechanic's Helper Penetrating Lubricant - 18 oz. Net Wt.

A non-flammable powerful, multiple-action penetrant and protective shield. Can be used on either dry or wet surfaces.

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Quest Chill Out Freezing Penetrating Oil - 9 oz. Net Wt.

Combines rapid freezing and a special penetrating lubricant to easily loosen bound parts. The formula will protect against renewed corrosion. Non-conductive, non-chlorinated, low VOC content.

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