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Paper Hot Drink Cups


Dixie® Sage™ Paper Hot Cup - 8 oz.

Quality construction offers durable sidewall strength, while the interior poly lining protects against soak-through, making Dixie hot cups a staple for any hot beverage.

Café Brew Hot Cup - 8 oz.

Available in various sizes.

Dixie® Pathways™ Paper Hot Cup - 12 oz.

Designed to heat-up your beverage sales. Ideal for samples and espresso drinks. Poly-lined to protect against soak-thru. Durable sidewall strength. Eye-catching design. Commercially compostable in commercial composting facilities which may or may not exist in your area.

Dixie® PerfecTouch™ Paper Hot Cup -12 oz., Coffee

Your customers will love it's comfortable, secure feel; non-slip hold and upscale graphics. First insulated paper cup to eliminate double cupping and the need for expensive beverage sleeves. The WiseSize™ product offering provides a packaging solution for efficiencies in your business. Polyethylene.

Solo® Hot Cup - 8 oz., Mistique™

Solo has a host of paper hot cup sizes and attractive stock designs to match any type of décor. High performance single-poly structure, an upscale appearance and a 5-in-1 lid.

Solo® Jazz® Hot Cups

They deliver everything you could want in a hot cup: high performance single-poly structure, an upscale appearance.

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Solo® Symphony™ Single Poly Paper Hot Cup - 8 oz.

Whether you're serving coffee, tea or cocoa, our hot cups are easy to warm up to. High performance single sided poly structure, and upscale appearance and a 5-in-1 lid design.