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High Density Roll


Aluf Source Reduction Coreless - 33 x 39, 16 gauge EQ, Black

Our most cost efficient general stock bags packed on perforated coreless rolls. SR Liners use less plastic which is good for the environment, yet they are strong enough "to get the job done". Metalocene high density blend, for superior stretchability. Up to 10% recycled content. Less polyethylene than traditional liners.

Aluf Hilene High Density Star Seal Coreless Roll Liners

HC Hi-Lene high density bags are our preferred value line and a very popular general stock line of high density bags. Has a leak-proof star seal and are on easy to use coreless rolls. Antimicrobial and odor protection provides an added benefit by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the outside and inside of the bag.

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