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Auto & Walk Behind Scrubbers


Tornado® BD 17/6 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber

This battery-operated scrubber is perfect for small-to-medium sized spaces, or hard-to-clean areas underneath counters where a mop is traditionally used. Vacuum motor: 340 W / 14 amp; Brush motor: 340 W / 14 amp. Brush type: Disc; Solution/Recovery tanks: 6 gal./6 gal. Brush width: 17"; Brush RPM: 190; Squeegee width: 20".

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Tornado® BR 16/3 Automatic Floor Scrubber - 3 Gal.

The power of automatic scrubbing in a compact package ready for virtually any hard floor surface. Solution/Recovery tanks: 3 gal./3 gal.; Cleaning Path: 16". Brush type: Cylindrical; Brush RPM: 660. Brush motor: 1.5 HP/1100W/14A; Vac motor: 0.67 HP/500W/14A.

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Tornado® BR 22/14, BD 22/14, BD26/14 Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Tornado's BR and BD 22/14 and BD 26/14 medium walk-behind scrubbers are designed for use in moderately spaced interiors, and deliver world class scrubbing performance, amazing durability, and environmental sustainability. Enhanced cleaning performance, drier floors and increased building and occupant safety. The environmentally preferred BR units offer the latest modern enhancement, cylindrical brush technology. The use of cylindrical brush technology delivers low moisture cleaning design and deep scrubbing through concentrated brush speeds of 1300 RPM, over six times higher than the speed of comparable rotary brush automatic scrubbers. Constructed with a tough rotomold polyethylene body, ensuring years of maximum performance and reliability. Solution/recovery tank: 14/15 gal.

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Tornado BD 26/26 Walk-Behind Scrubber w/Eco Kit

Simple operator interface. Whisper quiet 67 dB. Built-in safety feature avoids work-related accidents. Eco-friendly, 100% non-spill AGM battery and charger. Solution tank: 26 Gal.; Recovery tank: 28 Gal. Vac motor: 0.8 hp; Brush motor: 1.1 hp; Squeegee: 39" W. Brush type: Disc; Brush width (2 brushes): 13".

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Tornado® BD 14/4 Compact Cordless Automatic Scrubber - 14"

Designed to scrub hard-to-clean areas where a traditional mop and bucket are used. It is compact, powerful, versatile and perfect for small or confined spaces. Vacuum motor: 0.8 hp. Brush motor: 0.3 hp. 24V battery.

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Tornado® BD20/11 & BR1811 Small Walk-Behind Auto Scrubbers

World class scrubbers delivering superior productivity, durability and increased health and safety. Perfect for smaller areas such as commercial builds, hotels, schools, restaurants, retail shops and hospitals. In your choice of disc or cylindrical brush for hard floor scrubbing. Features a tough, no-hassle, quick-change parabolic squeegee system delivering 100% solution recovery, even on 180 degree turns. Vac Motor: .6 hp. Brush Motor: .6 hp.

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