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Carpet Extraction Cleaner


Extractor Low Foam Extraction Cleaner - Gal.

This powerful blend of low foaming detergents is specifically designed for steam or hot water extraction carpet cleaning. It quickly cuts through soil and grease to brighten carpet fibers instantly, its special blend of surfactants rinses easily and completely.

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Betco® FiberPro® ES-Steam™ Extraction Cleaner -5 Gal.

Its special blend of surfactants rinses easily and leaves no residue which can lead to premature resoiling. Not for use on stain resistant carpets. Concentrate 1:256.

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EnvirOx® Carpet Cleaner Concentrate - Gal.

A complete carpet cleaning system in one, easy to use product. Removes browning, is a shampoo, spotter, traffic lane cleaner, deodorizer and neutralizer in one. Safe to use in a spin bonnet machine or an extractor. Encapsulating polymer. Biodegradable.

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