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Urinal Blocks & Screens


Sweet Pea Flat Urinal Screen

This 30 day active deodorizing urinal screen contains 10 times more fragrance compared to traditional screens. A great alternative to Para. Shrinks in size as it releases deodorizing fragrance.

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Sweet Pea Urinal Screen

Releases optimized bacteria that clean the urinal & eliminates odors. Contains up to 10x more fragrance than other urinal screens & releases it over 30 days. Revolutionary design with protrusions releases fragrance. Reduces splash back, cuts cleaning time by up to 50%.

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Betco® SmartScreen™ w/Bioactive Enzymes -Citrus Bouquet

Only the SmartSCREEN® gives you the confidence to convert flushing urinals to water conserving urinals. SmartSCREEN® is infused with Neutrabond™ technology to ensure the restroom smells clean throughout the day. Neutrabond™ Technology is a specially developed combination of malodor counteractants and fragrances that gradually release to chemically bond to microscopic malodor compounds, such as sulfur and ammonia, rendering them odorless and non-toxic.

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Betco® SmartValve® Combo Pack - Citrus Bouquet

Allows building owners and managers to have all the cost savings and environmental benefits of water free urinals, but without the significant up-front cost of tearing-out of existing urinals and the inconvenience caused tenants, at a fraction of the cost of a water free urinal installation, while maintaining existing cleaning procedures. A highly engineered malodor counteractant system controls odors for a pleasant restroom experience. Combo pack includes: (1) SmartValve®, (1) End user decal, (3) SmartScreens™. Fits Sloan Regal®, Sloan Royal®, Zurn AquaFlush® valves. Also fits Zurn AquaVantage™ valves. Locking flush valve. 2400 uses. Stainless steel construction.

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Red Cherry Urinal Screen

Shields, protects and deodorizes urinal. Highly flexible, molds to the shape of any urinal. Red/Cherry

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Big D® Non-Para Toilet Bowl Rim Hanger-Evergreen w/Enzymes

Each rim hanger will last approximately 1,500 flushes. All non-para products contain blue blocks with cleaners and/or enzymes, that clean and deodorize with every flush. 100% biodegradable and entirely water soluble. Designed to prevent staining of bowl.

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Non Para Bowl Block 2 Oz 12/box

Enzyme bowl block deodorizes, cleans and prevents scale buildup. Every flush tints water blue, while healthy bacteria eliminate odors and maintain drain lines. Biodegradable formula. Low VOC (per CARB and OTC). Lasts up to 800 flushes. Green Apple fragrance.

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